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In order to maintain a pleasant experience for all members of our groups, we have a set of rules that are pretty much universal across all of our groups. These rules are meant to eliminate spam & to keep the peace & avoid arguments. Please READ THE RULES before joining any groups, then browse the list below and click on the black buttons to go to that group page on facebook. To join a group on facebook just click the green button that says "+ Join Group" on the facebook page and your request will be sent to a group admin for approval (usually within just a couple of hours). We hope you enjoy being a part of the RV Warriors Facebook Community.



Many people choose the RV Lifestyle because its a great way to live on a budget. Others simply like to tread lightly on the budget in some areas so they can expand their budget in other areas. The idea behind this group is for people to be able to share money saving tips. Budget travel, coupons, cheap meals, boon docking, anything that can save a fellow RVer some money is welcomed information!


This group is designed for RVers to list items for sale or trade or wanted. Post your RV for sale or trade, or any items that may be of interest to other RVers, or items you may be looking to buy. Note: This is designed to be a trading group for and among fellow RVers, so, NO AFFILIATE PRODUCTS ALLOWED, & NO BUSINESS ADS. This group is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.          


Share your experience with RV Parks, good or bad (just keep the language clean please) let your voice be heard by other fellow RVers.

Please Note: It is NOT permissible for RV park owners to post reviews of their own parks here. RV Park Owners please contact an ADMIN before posting.                                  


RV Dreamers is a group specifically designed for those "Dreamers" out there who are wanting to live the Full Time RV Lifestyle, or are actively planning or preparing for it. Share your ideas about purging, preparing and dealing with all those little details necessary to live the dream. Make new friends who are at the same stage of "the dream" as you, and give and receive that emotional support that is sometimes needed during this struggle to achieve your dreams. Existing full timers are more than welcome to join as well if you would like to offer advice to the dreamers out there.


RVing with a disability or chronic illness is more than just possible, it's being done around the world by people with all sorts of conditions. If you are interested in the RV Lifestyle, Do NOT let your disability or chronic illness hold you back from your dreams! Join us for tips and tricks that you can use to make your RV life easier. Anyone and everyone with any sort of disability or chronic illness is welcome to join.


RVing full-time - as in living in an RV all the time, whether you travel or stay parked. Share your tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions and offer the same to other members. RVing full-time is a lifestyle choice that many make, others envy and even more just dream about but never fulfill. This group is for all of these... whether you are dreaming of, or living the fulltime RV lifestyle, join us!


Post upcoming RV Rallies & Events, share info about past rallies  &  events you went too or want to go to. Rv Rallies are a great way to make new friend in person and we encourage everyone to participate in these opportunities to do something a little different, & try something new.


This group is designed for people who are looking to meetup with other RVers in their vicinity. Feel free to get a party started by posting your location and let others know you are available for a meetup. Get on the Road, Get Active, Get Social!


This group is for RVing Seniors who'd like to socialize with other RVing Seniors. There are no age restrictions for joining, anyone who enjoys the company of seniors is more than welcome to join.


RV Singles is for people who enjoy RVing and happen to be single or widowed and looking to meet other RV singles on the road either just for friends or possibly a little romance. Please keep it clean folks!:) All members are welcome except those who do not welcome others.


Got an RV Related blog and would like to share your latest posts with other RVers? This is the place to do it. We do NOT allow any self promotion in our other groups, this group is the only exception to that rule.

Note: Your blogs MUST be RV related. No blatant commercial posting please.


Roadschool is for anyone who travels extensively with their kids and provides them with a "mobile education". Share Home Schooling or "Unschooling" Tips, Tricks & Resources. Dive in and make the most out of what's available, make new friends, organize play-dates & meetups with other Roadschooling families.


Stealth Camping is for those who are living off the radar and camping in areas where you want to draw as little attention to your camping endeavors as possible. Tips & Tricks on laying low, living on less, and staying safe! Boondockers are also welcome of course!


This group is for 2 groups of people: 1) People who already have an RV, possibly fulltimers already... and 2) People who are wanting to buy an RV as a "safety net" or "Bug-Out" mobile "HOME". There are many reasons to get prepared. Be it the worsening economy, the global instability and potential threat of war, or any sort of natural disaster which can disrupt people lives. This group is NOT for spewing negative political statements about  any particular office, party or anything like that.


Stay in touch with your Mind, Body, & Spirit while on the road. Share your favorite retreats, spiritual places, motivation, & affirmations that help you manifest your desires or keep you grounded while your wheels are in motion. This group will likely consist of every religion & philosophy out there, as there is a universal desire among nearly all faiths and philosophies to attain peace and harmony on this planet. It is in that spirit that this group is born, and that spirit in which it must remain.


If you spend time traveling in your rv and fishing across america, then this group is here to help you find great RV fishing spots and share other fishing tips and experiences you may have. Many RVers and Campers alike travel all over the country in search of the best fishing, and it is our hope that you will find some new trips in your future as you read about others great fishing adventures, as well as sharing some of your own with the other members.


Telling ghost stories around a camp fire is a great American past-time, and I am sure there are many tales to be told! True stories and tall tales are all welcome. Alien sightings, ghostly or scary happenings, or other strange or fascinating events that you may have seen or heard about. Kids love this stuff, and we can all use some good stories to tell around our next campfire, so dive on in and share yours. Please tell us if the event is true, myth, or whathaveyou. Note: Stories do NOT have to be scary, anything fascinating or interesting that makes for a good story is just fine.


RV Games & Activities is for sharing your favorite road games, and/or organizing group games or activities to make your RV travel even more fun! From Letter Boxing & Geo-caching, Quilting, Needlepoint or silly games meant to pass the time away, come on and join in on the fun!

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