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Best RV Bathtub: Have The Best Experience In Motorhomes


Who doesn’t want a refreshing bath after a long-day tour? Be it your home or your RV, everyone deserves a warm-refreshing bath. Even though there won’t be much difference between normal bathtubs and RV bathtubs, there are some valid points. 

In fact, the most important consideration for the RV bathtubs is the space. You won’t have all the liberty in the world when choosing the best RV bathtub. Moreover, you’ll have to know all about the installation procedure of these tubs too. 

Fret not as we’ve provided everything in this article. Here, we’ve brought out 5 best bathtubs for your RV after weeks of research. Finally, we’re able to bring out every little information you’ll need for your RV bathtub. 

Furthermore, we’ve decided to go the extra mile and bring out the buying guide. This section will showcase all the important buying factors. 

Sounds exciting? Let’s not wait anymore- 

Comparison Table

Image Product Features Price

Lippert Better Bath RV Bath Tub 

Lippert Better Bath RV Bath Tub 

Product Size: 24″ x 36″
Color: White

Check Price

RecPro RV Bathtub 

RecPro RV Bathtub 

Product Size: 40″ x 24″
Color: White

Check Price

Kinro Composites Lippert Bathtub

Kinro Composites Lippert Bathtub

Product Size: 24″ x 40″
Color: White

Check Price

Better Bath Bathtub

Better Bath Bathtub

Product Size: 24″ x 38″
Color: White

Check Price

Lyons RV Bathtub 

Lyons RV Bathtub 

Product Size: 32″ x 24″
Color: White

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1. Lippert Better Bath RV Bath Tub 

Product Overview

Drums rolls for our best product- Lippert Better RV Bath Tub. If you’re on the market for a 24″ x 36″ sized bathtub then you won’t find a better deal. Starting from looks to durability, this product has it all. 

But, what’s the best feature of this product? Well, the feature that makes the product stand out is the minimalistic style and ABS construction. That said, let’s break the features of this product down below- 

Let’s talk about the minimalistic design first. Here, the white-colored bathtub will ensure that it’ll suit your RV’s decor easily. Moreover, the minimalist design allows you to decorate your bathroom without much effort. 

Other than that, the bathtub has impressive durability as well. The ABS acrylic construction ensures that the bathtub won’t crack or fade easily. So, you won’t have to worry about cracks in your tubs. Besides, it’s scratch-resistant as well. 

Hence, say goodbye to minor cracks or scratches as the materials won’t let any of these take place. Now, let’s talk about the fit of the tub. In a bathroom, the bathtub’s fit is the most essential thing. 

But, you won’t have to worry about the fit of this tub as it’s made of universal fit. Hence, the installation procedure doesn’t take much time and effort as well. 

In the end, if you’re looking for a well constructed and beautiful tub for your RV, this will definitely impress you. So, definitely give it a closer look. 

  • Has impressive durability.
  • It’s scratch-resistant.
  • Doesn’t crack or fade.
  • Has a beautiful design.
  • Comes with a universal fit.
  • It’s a bit flimsy.


2. RecPro RV Bathtub 

Product Overview

Moving on, let’s talk about another durable product from our list. The RecPro RV Bathtub is the second option on our list. And, if you’re on the market for a durable yet beautiful tub then it’ll impress you as well. 

So, what’s so impressive here? Firstly, the style lines and a basic white color will definitely grab your attention. Here, the style lines of the tub provide all the structural integrity that you desire. As a result, the tub remains stable all the time and never wobbles. 

Apart from this, if you’re looking for a beautiful tub for your RV then this white option will make you fall in love. Not only does this option look great but it also makes it easy to decorate the RV bathroom. 

On the other hand, the drain of this bathtub is molded-in. Hence, the tub never leaks water by any chance. Also, this molded drain provides the added strength to the tubs. So, it doesn’t crack easily. 

Lastly, the tub comes with support ribs. Here, the support ribs increase the strength and stability of the tub. Hence, you won’t have to worry about cracks and wobbles anytime soon. 

  • Comes with support ribs that provide extra strength.
  • Resists cracks and wobbles.
  • Has impressive structural integrity.
  • It’s beautiful.
  • Has added strength.
  • Prevents leaks.
  • Made of thinner materials.


3. Kinro Composites Lippert Bathtub

Product Overview

Say hello to the first tub with plastic construction. The Kinro Composites Bathtub is not your average bathtub. It not only brings elegance to your bathroom but it also brings in added durability as well. 

Even though it’s made of plastic construction, it brings in added durability and stability. Hence, there won’t be chances of cracks or wobbles anytime soon. And, if you’re worried about aesthetics then let me tell you something. 

With an elegant white design, the tub looks better than most other bathtubs in the market. Moreover, it even brings in other cool features. Similar to the first option in the list, it adds in excessive scratch-resistance and durability. 

On the other hand, the tub doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom. Plus, it has an easy installation procedure. So, you won’t have to waste a lot of time behind the installation whatsoever. 

In the end, the product offers a lot and you’ll be impressed by it easily. So, if the features impress you then definitely consider this an option.

  • Has an elegant design.
  • Comes with excess stability and added durability.
  • Doesn’t scratch easily.
  • Doesn’t take up much space in the bathroom.
  • Made of thinner plastic.


4. Better Bath Bathtub

Product Overview

When it comes to ABS vs Fiberglass, many think that the ABS option is the better one. And, if you’re one of them then you’ll be glad to know that this product is made of ABS materials. 

As the product is made of an ABS construction, it’s lightweight and durable at the same time. And, the lightweight construction of this bathtub makes it easy for the RV to save up on fuel. 

In the RV, the lower the weight of the products in the bathroom, the better it’ll be for fuel consumption. Hence, you’ll be able to save up on fuel easily. So, the product makes it easy to save up on some cash. 

Other than that, the ABS materials in the bathtub make it scratch-resistant and strong. Also, the tub doesn’t crack or fade easily. And, the added scratch-resistance will provide all the necessary arrangements for scratches not taking place. 

Lastly, the tub makes sure you’re all comfortable in it due to added stability. So, you won’t have to worry about wobbles anytime soon. And, the perfect fit ensures that the tub stays in place all the time. 

  • Has a lightweight design.
  • Doesn’t wobble easily.
  • Has added stability.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t feel or look premium.


5. Lyons RV Bathtub 

Product Overview

Well, we’re down to our last option. If you’ve made it until this point then give yourself a pat on the back. So, why have we added the Lyons RV bathtub to our list? 

Well, even though you’ll miss out on some key features of this option, there’s still a lot to look at. And, what are those exactly? To be specific, the tub is all about added strength and stability. 

Here, the braces at the end of the tub make sure it doesn’t wobble by any means. Also, the thicker materials in the construction of the tub ensure that it’s strong and stable all the time. 

Moving on, the tubs are quite large, to begin with. So, you won’t have problems fitting inside the tub. However, the tub will be a bit hard to fit in tighter spaces in the bathroom due to this reason. Other than that, the installation procedure is easy and straight-forward. So, you won’t have problems fitting this tub in your bathroom by any means. 

  • It’s a large option.
  • Remains stable and strong all the time.
  • Has a straightforward installation procedure.
  • Has added strength.
  • Doesn’t break easily.
  • Will be hard to fit in smaller bathrooms.


Buying Guide

We’re done with the review section. If you’ve been following until this point then you’ll already know about 5 different RV tubs. Here, we’ve provided all the important features and the benefits. 

And, we haven’t stopped right there. We’ve even pushed forward and brought out all the pros/cons for you to take a look. And, if you’ve learned all this information, choosing the best bathtub won’t be an issue anymore. 

But, there’s a little problem right here- 

If you’re going through all of the information stated above at one read, processing won’t be that easy. Plus, you won’t get enough time to decide what factors are important. 

So, to clear it all out, we’ve brought out this buying guide for you. And, what’s so special here? 

Well, this guide will show all the important buying factors for you. If you’re taking notes then it’ll help you choose your favorite product easily. So, let’s not wait anymore and begin right away- 


Size matters. 

Hence, you’ll need to decide on what size of a tub you’re getting for your RV. Well, in the review section, we’ve given you an idea about 5 different sizes for your 5 tubs. 

So, firstly, measure the bathroom. After that, take the measurements and go for the right option. Here, the right size of the tubs will ensure that you’re getting a perfect fit. 

And, if the tub doesn’t have the right fit then it can wobble at times. Besides, if you purchase a larger tub for your bathroom then you’ll have to move some connections here and there. By doing this, you’ll increase work and costs. 

Thus, it’s better if you go for the right size after taking measurements of the space. 

Materials & Construction

ABS vs Fiberglass. What’s better for your RV bathroom? Well, if you’re going for durability then ABS materials take the lead. 

Whatever the materials are, the bathtub needs to be well-constructed. By having a durable and stable construction, you’ll get a lot to work with. Here, the added stable construction of the bathtubs will ensure that no wobbles take place. 

Moreover, the lightweight materials in the construction of the tubs will make sure that you’re saving up on fuel. So, choose the materials accordingly. 

Installation Procedure

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, installation procedure can be confusing at times. So, it’s better to stick to the ones which have straightforward and simple installation. 

Besides, having a straightforward installation means that you’ll be able to work easily without much effort and in less time. 

Scratch-Resistance & Crack Resistance

It’s important for the tubs to be scratch-resistance. At times, a harsh cleaning process can cause minor and major scratches on the tubs. So, if the tubs are scratch-resistant then this problem won’t even take place. 

Other than that, it’s important for the tubs to be crack-resistant. By having these options you’ll ensure that the tubs last for a long period of time. 


Question: What is the best brand for bathtubs? 

Answer: “American Standard Cambridge” is the best brand for the bathtubs out there. Other than that, “Woodbridge” and “Sinkology Heisenberg” are still some of the best ones available in the market. 

Question: Porcelain vs. acrylic tubs- which one should choose? 

Answer: Between the two, acrylic tubs are more durable than porcelain tubs. When it comes to scratch-resistance, porcelain tubs take the upper hand. So, it depends on you really on what features you’re focusing on.  

Question: Fiberglass vs. acrylic bathtubs- which one should you choose?  

Answer: When it comes to durability, acrylic tubs perform a better job than fiberglass tubs. Hence, if you’re going for a durable tub then go for the acrylic ones as they have less chance of fading and cracking. 

Parting Words

Well, all things come to an end. So, our 2000-word article on the best RV bathtub comes to an end as well. 

We’re hopeful that we’ve made it all easy and clear for you. Hence, choosing your favorite product won’t be that hard anymore. Just remember to take notes of the important buying factors so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Good Luck! 

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