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Best RV Slide Topper Fabric: The Damage Protectors


The slide-out might be handy because of all the extra space it can provide but it needs some protection too. That’s why people rely on the topper. However, to provide the best quality protection you need top-notch fiber.

Now, we understand that finding the best RV slide topper fabric is not an easy task.

That’s why we’re here to save you from the endless struggle of picking the right fiber. In fact, to provide you with legitimate info we spend one week searching for this product.

At last, we have narrowed down the list and picked the top 5 for you. But wait, that’s not all. We even made a buying guide for you.

This will guide you through and help you pinpoint all the important characteristics of the best topper fiber.

So, let’s not waste any more breath. Instead, let’s dive into work-

Comparison Table

Image Product Features Price

Solera V000165062 Black Slide Topper Awning

Solera V000165062 Black Slide Topper Awning

PRODUCT SIZE: 7’6″ (7’1″ Fabric)
COLOR: Black

Check Price

Solera Slide Topper Awning

Solera Slide Topper Awning

PRODUCT SIZE: 14′ (13’7″ Fabric)
COLOR: White

Check Price

RecPro RV Awning Fabric

RecPro RV Awning Fabric

PRODUCT SIZE: 13’ (12’1” Fabric)

Check Price

Carefree (FH2000047) White SideOut Kover II Roll

Carefree (FH2000047) White SideOut Kover II Roll

PRODUCT SIZE: 47 x 200 inches
COLOR: White

Check Price

Solera Universal Slide Topper Replacement Cut-to-Fit Fabric

Solera Universal Slide Topper Replacement Cut-to-Fit Fabric

PRODUCT SIZE: 51-foot roll
COLOR: Black

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1. Solera V000165062 Black Slide Topper Awning

Product Review

Presenting to you the champion of our list: the Solera V000165062 Slide Topper Awning. This has undoubtedly beaten all the other topper fibers on our list and climbed its way to the top. But what’s so special about this fiber?

Well, firstly, it’s not only economical but it’s also super stylish. The fiber makes your slide-out look more aesthetically pleasing. Hence, you won’t have an ugly topper hanging on the top.

Are you wondering what it’s made of? In case you’re thinking about it then know that it’s actually made of vinyl. Hence, you can be sure that it won’t crack during the cold winter days.

Thus you won’t have any harsh snow hitting your RV every now and then. It’ll definitely be safe.

On top of that, the vinyl fibers assure high tensile strength for the topper. Thus even on a stormy day, you can rest assured that the fiber will be competent enough to withstand the heavy snowfall.

But hold, that’s not all. You should also note that this product comes with all the necessary items needed to mount the topper. So, you won’t have to spend extra bucks on buying the extra materials.

  • It gives an aesthetic vibe
  • It won’t crack during winter
  • It can withstand heavy snow
  • It provides protection against leaves and other debris
  • The instruction manual becomes vague for the beginners


2. Solera Slide Topper Awning

Product Review

Coming up number two is another of Solera’s slide topper fabric: Solera Slide Topper Awning. Even this topper fiber has some features that are simply mind-blowing. So, why don’t we take a look at what these are, shall we?

The number one thing that we have to mention is the fact that the topper fiber is a permanent thing. By that, we mean that if you install the topper on your slide one time, then you won’t have to take it off.

In fact, it’ll stay on the slider permanently, and it’ll automatically come out whenever you pop out the RV’s slider. So, you won’t have to take the hassle of applying it every single time you take out the slider.

But hold on, that’s not all. No-no. In fact, this product also comes with all the brackets and awning needed to fit the topper fiber on the slider. So, you won’t have to make extra purchases for this kinda stuff.

Moreover, the solera slide topper can completely seal the room. Thus you won’t have to worry about dust or rusty leaves piling up inside your RV. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

  • Doesn’t require continuous installing at every use
  • Doesn’t reuire extra mounting brackets
  • It’ll fit all types of slide-out
  • It can cover all parts of the slide-out
  • The instruction manual is not specific


3. RecPro RV Awning Fabric

Product Review

The third item on our list is the RecPro RV Awning Fabric. Although it wasn’t our top pick, it did give a challenging fight to the best 2 slide toppers. However, it does have outstanding characteristics that might suit you well enough.

The number one thing that we have to talk about is the material. This slide topper is made of the best of the best material, and that’s vinyl. You might know this, but vinyl is quite suited for slide toppers.

This is because vinyl can stop the harmful UV rays from falling directly on the RV. Hence, your RV surface will be free from damage from the relentless star: the sun.

Do you know what this means? Simple, your RV parts will stay in top-notch condition for years, and you won’t have to run from the repair shop to the repair shop in order to have it fixed, which means more rest time for you.

One more added benefit you’ll get from RecPro slide toppers is protection from harsh weather. Let’s say it’s a stormy day, and there’s a snow blizzard out there. You might stay safe inside your RV, but what about the RV itself?

The outer walls are prone to damage, but if you cover it up with this topper, you won’t have to fret over it. The great fabric will take care of it for you.

  • Protects against UV light
  • It doesn’t let water slip into the RV
  • It can last for a long time
  • It won’t let the RV’s surface get damaged
  • It doesn’t come with plastic cups to install on tension rods


4. Carefree (FH2000047) White SideOut Kover II Roll

Product Review

Behold, another brand of topper fibers: the Carefree Sideout Kover roll. You might be a bit skeptical about this fiber but give it a chance. Let us show you its good sides.

Starting up, you should note that the carefree slider is quite durable. Now you might ask how long will it exactly last? Well, if things are treated properly it’ll stay with you for 7 to 9 years.

Yep, one good investment and it’ll stay with you for almost a decade. However, that doesn’t mean you can go overboard and treat it miserably. No! You need to take care of it to make it last.

Moving on, you should also know that this topper fiber is quite easy to install. There’s no hassle and it’ll be done in a jiffy. Plus the instruction manual that comes with it is beginner’s friendly.

  • Easy to install
  • Dries very quickly
  • The material can be trimmed to fit the slide-out
  • It takes a long time for one person to install
  • It’s not too strong


5. Solera Universal Slide Topper Replacement Cut-to-Fit Fabric – Black

Product Review

The last product that we have for you is the Sole Universal Slide Topper. Now, we know that this one’s the bottom of the barrel, according to us, but it still has impressive features that can be checked out. So, shall we start?

First things first, you should note that this is a roll; hence you will have plenty of fabric to work with. That means you won’t have to worry about the fabric falling short for your slider.

In the end, you might even save some of the fabric for later use. That means in case of emergency you won’t have to rush to the nearest supermarket. You’ll have it in one corner of your RV.

One more thing to note is the fact that this roll can be used for a few types of sliders. Hence, you won’t have to search the market to match your slider and topper fabric brand. The Solera Universal slider will fit it all.

Doesn’t that sound great? Less work for you! So, if you feel like this product matches what you wanted, then do go for it.

  • It can cover the entire slider
  • The slide topper can fit all brand of sliders
  • It can create a lot of sliders well
  • The fiber is a bit stretchy


Buying Guide

By now, you have gone through 5 different topper fibers for your slide -out. And we are well aware of how much information must have bombarded in your head. So, it’s quite easy for you to get confused and feel a bit lost.

Hence, we decided to make your life a bit easier. Thus we came up with this particular segment. Using this part, you’ll be able to narrow down the product that you have to buy.

So, shall we commence now?

Strength of The Fiber

When picking the right fiber you should always look at the strength factor. That plays a crucial part in protecting the slider. But how does this even matter?

You see, a range of items tend to fall on the slide-out topper. From leaves to heavy bulk of snow nothing lets the slider stay in peace. Now, while the leaves may not cause detrimental damage but the heavy snow definitely will.

And as the topper protects the upper part of the slider you need to choose the right fiber to get the job done right. Hence, look for the fiber that offers the strongest resistance against all these items.

A little hint: Vinyl is one of the strongest materials for topper fibers. So, do keep a close eye out for this!

Cooling Capabilities

One more factor you should consider is the cooling power of the fiber. And why should you care whether the fiber can keep the RV cool or not?

Well, the answer is pretty simple and you might have guessed it by now. Yes, on hot sunny days the RV tends to attract the most heat. As mother nature definitely won’t spare the RV you have to take certain actions.

Now, if you wanna leave out the slide-out open then you should consider buying a fiber that knows how to keep the RV’s extension cool and comfy.

Otherwise, the sun will heat up the vehicle and you’ll fry up inside. Hence, take those summer days into account and do take the right decision.

Waterproof Characteristics

The last thing to consider is the waterproof quality of the fiver. You see, when it rains or even when you sprinkle water on your RV, some of it tends to go inside the slide-out.

This happens because of the sneaky little corners that leave out space for dust and water to crawl in. Hence, if you buy a fiber that can completely seal off the slide-out and is waterproof then you can say bye-bye to this problem.

Thus do search for this exceptional quality in your slide topper fibers.


Question: How do you keep water from pooling on a slide topper?

Answer: In order to keep the slide topper safe from the water you need to buy the right fiber made from waterproof material. Vinyl is an example of such material.

Question: Do RV slide-outs need support?

Answer: The slide-out is accustomed to hold the weight of people as it was designed for additional people. Thus it won’t break or need external support unless something extra heavy is placed in it.

Question: Can you drive an RV with slides out?

Answer: We advise you not to drive with the slide-out open because you might hit something and the slide-out will come flying off.

To Sum Up

Alright, that’s all we got on topper fibers. We hope this guide helped you pick the best RV slide topper fabric. Or at least provided you with guidelines to buy one.

Now, you’re free to use the knowledge and pick the right one for you. Best of luck!

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