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How much is the Cost to Install Air Force One Braking System?


Air force one is one of the best braking systems. Moreover, it’s also taken as one of the most advanced braking systems out there. Besides, if you can install this system correctly in your vehicle, it’ll go for years without any problem. 

But, most importantly, what’s the cost to install air force one braking system? 

It’s better to have an idea about the whole air force one braking system before going to purchase it. Well, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about it as we’re here for you. 

In fact, this article will work as a complete guide of air force one braking system. Moreover, we’ve even discussed some of its features and installment process briefly.  

So, let’s begin. 

Everything You Need To Know About the Air Force One Braking System 

By now, you might know what the Air Force One Braking System is. I mean this is the basic thing anyone who’ll encounter this topic will know, right? But, for those who are hearing this news, it’s one of the best braking systems you can get. 

Moreover, if your RV has air brakes then you’ll definitely need Air Force One. But why do people favor this braking system over others? Let’s look at some of the features: 

  • Effective but Invisible 

The braking system maintains proportionality every time you brake it. Also, no other inertia or an adjustable system can form the brakes as this system can. Moreover, it can ensure that it delivers 100% proportionality to the coach’s system. 

Turns out that a towed vehicle has the same braking symmetry as the brakes of the coach. Apart from this, once you install this system, the whole system becomes invisible. 

  • Total Protection of the Coach 

The air force one braking system protects the coach always. This is one of the features that makes this system stand out from the others. 

But how does it protect the coach? 

Well, the system separates the air supply of the coaching. By separating the air supply, it protects the coach. Hence, if the towed system of the vehicles fails by any chance, the air inside the coach is still protected. 

  • Safe

The air force one braking system is the safest out of all the systems in the market. This is because it protects the air supply in the coach. Moreover, no other system can do the same. 

Also, the manufacturers have tested the leaks and function of this brake system. And they further claim it to be one of the safest braking systems. 

  • Actuator 

The actuator of the braking system is one of the most durable parts. Apart from this, it’s easy to install and no other company or system can match it. 

The design makes binding impossible as the force is linear. Moreover, there are no pulleys and there’s only one self-drilling bolt. This secures the cables on the firewall. 

On the other hand, other systems have six screws that require large and flat surfaces. As a result, not many can afford that type of system. 

  • Fits All Vehicles

The air force one braking system has universal compatibility. This means it can be used on the smallest of the vehicles and also on the largest. 

So, you can use them on small Fiats to the large Hummers. And yes, you can use them on your SUVs too. 

What’s the Cost to Install Air Force One Braking System? 

Before knowing the cost, it’s important to decide on whether you’ll install it or you’ll get a mechanic. 

If you’re going to install it using a mechanic than the wage might cost you a total of $670-$700. Here, the AFO system itself might cost $300-$350. 

However, if you’re planning to install it yourself then you can bring down the cost a bit. In accordance with it, how can you install this yourself? 

Don’t worry, it’s easy. In fact, follow our guidelines and you can install it without any problem. So let’s look at the step-step process of installing it yourself: 


The set of tools that you’ll require for the job are affordable and available. Let’s take a look at them: 

Install Air Force One Braking System – Step-Step Process: 

It’ll save you some bucks if you can install the system yourself without the help of a mechanic. And we can even assure you if you follow the steps correctly, you can easily install it. Let’s take a look: 

Step 1: Mount the Air Tank 

Make sure that the tanks aren’t connected close to a heat source or a moving part. Following this, mount the assembly to the cross member. Copy the process just like the relay valve assembly of the coach. 

Step 2: Provide Air Connection 

Firstly, locate the air supply in the coach and then cut that line using the hose cutter. However, don’t confuse the line to the treadle-valve. 

Also, before starting, cut the line to drain away from the air in the coach’s tanks. Lastly, attach the NPT tee to the appropriate connectors. 

Step 3: Route Air Line 

Firstly, straighten the dot air hose which is behind the coach. After this, route the line but don’t put any sharp or heated points around it. 

Step 4: Plumbing 

Connect the air supply to the pressure protection valve of the coach. After this, follow the methods below:

  • Cut the hose using a hose cutter. But, make sure the cut is straight so that it doesn’t leak any air. 
  • Push the air hose inside all the way. Also, make sure that the fittings are always tight. 

Step 5- Mount the L Bracket 

Firstly, make sure that the L bracket at the back is always centered. After this, push the air hose into the push-lock setting. 


That’s all we have for you. Hopefully, from this article, you’ll know the cost to install air force one braking system. 

Apart from this, the article also works as the complete guide of the air force one braking system. This is because we haven’t left anything about the system. Moreover, we’ve even discussed the installation process. 

So, why don’t you try it for yourself? Good Luck.

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