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Dish Tailgater Problems And Solutions!!


You don’t want to miss any bit of entertainment while you’re out traveling. Hence you’ve installed the dish tailgater. So that you can watch all your favorite shows, regardless of where you go.

But the real tragedy starts when you see something wrong with your dish tailgater.

So how to solve dish tailgater problems?

Well, if the problem lies with the connection and blurred display of the TV, first check for loose hose or metal locks. If you find one, tighten it up. For better power, set it on a plain surface. Or the problem can be with the setup. If you’ve set it up in the wrong direction then face it towards the south.

If you want a dive deep into the problem and solutions, read till the end of our segment.

Dish Tailgater Problems- 3 Best Solutions

No matter what the problem is, we’ll guide you through the solutions. Just scroll down and see for yourself.

Connection Issue

So we get that you’ve just installed the dish tailgater in hopes of watching TV. But instead of showing the channels, it shows an error. And the connection seems to be fluctuating.

So instead of getting a stable connection, you ended up with one that barely works. And we know exactly how it feels to lose connection. Especially when you’re in the middle of your favorite show. 

From our experience, the reason behind the unstable connection is that the connections are loose. Or you haven’t connected it with 110 volts of power.

So no matter which one you did wrong, we got you covered.


So, if the problem is with a loose connection. Then you have to open up the carrying box used to cover up the dish tailgater. Once you open up the container, you’ll see several parts connected with screws and metal locks.

So just grab a tightener and tighten all the metal locks. Start the device again to see if it works or not. If not, then see if your dish tailgater is connected to a 110-volt power supply or not. 

If you see that the volt given is less than the volt required,  immediately change the power supply. For that, you need to check the power source rating. You can also use an inverter for a smooth supply.

Here are some of our favorite inverters you can consider using-

Inverter 1
Inverter 2

Power Issues

If the problem is not with the connection, it’s probably with the power. In the case of power issues, the device won’t start at all.

And if that’s your situation, you might fear that you ended up buying a faulty dish tailgater. Before you start blaming the manufacturers, we suggest you wait. 

Because there’s a high probability that while setting up you missed out on some basic instructions. And that’s causing the problem.

It might happen that you set up the dish tailgater on a surface that doesn’t support its weight properly so it remains tilted. Or you might have faced the tailgater in the wrong direction. No matter what the cause is, we’ve got solutions.


If you’ve noticed that the dish tailgater is not on a smooth surface and keeps leaning, it’s time you change it. You’ll need to put the tailgater on a surface that is smooth and straight. So that it doesn’t get shaky.

And try to keep it in a place where you don’t need to move it frequently for any purpose. Setting it up on a plain surface will stop interfering with the power. And it will finally turn on.

Now the most important thing is which direction your tailgater faces. Let us tell you that, you don’t have the freedom to choose the direction. Because it should always face the southern sky.

You’ll even find this requirement in the manual. So if you have skipped that, now is time to set it. Just bring your compass and double-check the direction. 

To identify the right direction for the tailgater, here are some accurate compasses for you :

Compass 1
Compass 2

 After finding the direction, go back to the device and turn it on. Voila, the power is on.

Blurred Display

Well, let’s assume that you had high hopes with the dish tailgater. And you have finally bought one for entertainment. 

The problem is that the display of the TV or any device the dish tailgater is connected to glitches. And that’s likely to be the most painful and annoying thing. On top of that, you’ll hear the TV sound cracking right after the view gets blurred.

As we’ve experienced the same, let’s tell you when the problem arises. It shows up when the main hose connecting the dish tailgater with the device gets a bit loose. 

But when there is a problem, there is a solution. 


Now you’ve learned that the hose connecting the TV and tailgater gets loose. Let’s not waste any time and get that fixed. All you have to do is get a hose clamp and tighten up the hose. 

Just move the clamp clockwise and the hose will be fixed!  Finally, you can watch some television in peace.


Question: How do I set up the channels on the tailgater?

Answer: Well for setting up channels you have to see the manual where the channel codes are mentioned. Then go to the settings and input the numbers. Press ok and the channels will be available.

Question: Should I put the cover-up or down while putting the dish tailgater to work?

Answer: While you’re connecting your device with the dish tailgater, you’ll need to move the lid of the container of the dish tailgater for it to work.

Question: Can resetting the whole dish tailgater put it to work?

Answer: Well, if the problem is related to the connection only then resetting would work. But make sure to tighten all the hose that connects the device and tailgater together. 

Bottom Line

By now, you know all the probable dish tailgater problems and solutions. Now it’s time for you to solve it accordingly. 

If you face any difficulties solving the problem, do let us know by commenting below. We would appreciate all your comments. 

Good luck and thank you.

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