how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable

How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable? 4 Sure-Fire Methods


You just bought a jack knife sofa, after hearing all the praise from your fellow RV’ers. But the first time you try to sleep on it, it just doesn’t match with your expectations.

Now you’re trying to find out how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable?

To do that, you can either use a quilt and spread it over the sofa. Or just buy an egg crate foam pad to create a bed-like feeling. If not then make your own sofa pad but sewing fabric and wool together. And to give better support, you can use pool noodles.

So now let’s see how each of the methods works.

How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable? 4 Techniques

If you have a jack knife sofa, you know how true the saying “ jack knife sofa and comfort doesn’t get along” is. But we plan on changing that thought.

So just choose any one of the following 4 techniques and use it to get the most comfort out of your jack knife sofa.

Technique 1: Use Quilt

Yes, you read it right. No matter how you underestimated your quilt during the summer. It’s time to bring that one out. Because to make your jack knife sofa more comforting, you’ll need a quilt. 

So we’re assuming that you’re having doubts about the quilt since it’s not a thick medium. But let us tell you that quilts are essentially three layers of fabric and wool stitched together.

So when you fold a quilt in half, you can get 6 layers to sit or lay on. Does it sound thick enough to you? Well, it does for us.

On top of that, you’re already broke after purchasing the sofa. And you don’t wish to spend anymore. In this case, the quilt is the best option for you. Because it is the cheapest option you can get for comfort.

Plus if you’re thinking of buying a quilt, make sure it’s double the size of your jack knife sofa. So that you can fold the quilt of yours in half.

Technique 2: Put Egg Crate Foam Pad

Since we’re talking about comfort, let’s not forget egg crate foam pads. We believe you’re quite acquainted with them. If not then let us explain, egg-crate foam pads are just simply foam pads that look like an egg crate.

If you ever heard of convoluted foam, just know they are the same. But what makes these egg-crate foam pads unique is that they are quite soft. Plus, these pads are pretty breathable because of the airflow between the foam particles.

So we suggest you spread your foam pad over the jackknife sofa. And it will make your jack knife sofa a real comfy one.

But there are specific factors you need to look for to choose the right egg crate foam pad. First, look at the size of the jackknife sofa and match it with the egg crate foam size.

The size of the jackknife sofa ranges between 58-72 inches. So try to purchase a foam pad of that size. 

And we suggest you choose memory foam for having the best combo of comfort and flexibility. 

So here are some of our favorite egg crate foam pads-

Egg crate foam pad 1
Egg crate foam pad 2

If you’re looking for something comfy as a mattress, egg crate pads are the right choice.

Technique 3: Make Your Own Sofa Pad

Well, this one’s a DIY technique that helps you build your own sofa pad. So that you can just make one per your choice and ensure the best comfort.

So before making your own sofa pad just look for these things-

  • Thread
  • Measuring tool
  • Scissors
  • Cotton fabric
  • Wool
  • Self-inflating air pads

So first, you’ll need to measure your sofa or just remember what sized sofa you bought. Then cut two pieces of cotton fabric. The size of the fabric should be double the sofa size. For example, if your sofa is 58 inches, you have to cut the fabric into two 116 inches pieces.

Now just sew three sides of both fabrics together, leaving one side unstitched. Put wool inside the fabric cover and fill it up according to your wish. When it’s fluffy enough, just sew the last end of the fabric.

Now just spread it over your sofa and take out your self-inflation air pads. Which you’ll have to fill up with air. And use them as cushions. 

Your jack knife sofa is now a real comfy bed!

Technique 4: Use Pool Noodles

We’ve heard a common complaint against the jack knife sofa. It’s that when you turn it into a bed, it creates a crack between the seat and the back part. And seems like that’s the reason behind the discomfort.

If that’s true for you, then we’ve got high hopes, it will surely help you. If you’ve got pool noodles in your house, you can just place them on the crack. Now you can just put a quilt or DIY sofa pad over it. And sleep with contentment.

But if you’re using a thick mattress or egg crate foam pad, you won’t be needing pool noodles.


Question: What is a jack knife sofa?

Answer: Well, a jackknife sofa is a sofa or couch that you can also turn into a bed. And this sort of sofa is used in RV’s.

Question: Can a futon be put over a jack knife sofa?

Answer: Yes, you can put a futon mattress over your jack knife sofa for ensuring comfort. But remember that it does not support air circulation. So try to bring a lighter one.

Question: Can the gap between the back of the sofa and seat be filled with pillows?

Answer: Well, you can use pillows to cover the gap up between the seat and back of the sofa. But you’ll need to use multiple pillows to cover the gap.


Well, we shared all we’ve got on our pack of knowledge on how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable.

We appreciate you bearing with us till the end. But if you still have queries, just comment below to let us know. 

Thank you and have a good day!

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