hwh air leveling system troubleshooting

HWH Air Leveling System Troubleshooting Executed


You want to drive to another location with your RV. But when you start the power button, your air leveling system doesn’t work.

And if the whole vehicle is not balanced properly, it’s not safe to drive. So, you don’t want to take a risk like that.

So you’re probably searching how you can do your HWH air leveling system troubleshooting.

So, the problem can be that you’ve turned the system by pressing the air button only once. Or you’ve just started the vehicle without pressing the store button. In both cases, press the mentioned buttons for 10 seconds. Then wait 2 minutes before you start. Or just check if the leveling unit parts are working well. If not then replace the springs.

So just scroll down to see what exclusive solutions are for air leveling system problems.

HWH Air Leveling System Troubleshooting+Solutions!!

You’ve installed the air leveling system with high hopes. Just like any other machinery, it has its own set of problems that can put you in distress. 

So here’s a guide for you to identify your problem and solve it.

Control Panel Issues

We’ll start with the basic issue that can be behind the HWH air leveling system troubleshooting. As you have the leveling system, you’re quite acquainted with the control panel.

This panel can be operated in an automated mode as well as a manual mode. But the complaints we hear from our fellow RV’ers is that the automated mode doesn’t work properly all the time. And if you think it is a manufacturing defect, there’s a high chance that you’re wrong.

Because the problem might be the way you’re wanting to turn the system on or the way you’ve been operating it.

So we’ll clear out any confusion that you might have regarding the control panel issues.


Now let’s give you a quick tour of the control panel. On the top left corner of the panel, you’ll see the air button. And on the right side of the panel, there’s a diagram of your RV. And there are tiny yellow lights on each side of the RV diagram. So these lights mainly show if all the sides are equally leveled or not.

So to operate it properly, you’ll need to switch the on button first. Press it for 10 seconds. Then check if all the yellow lights are on, if not then wait for a bit. And if yes then press the air button twice. 

This activates the system. As soon as you press the button, you’ll hear the sound of air flowing. And when it’s balanced, the sound will stop on its own.

Then you can stop pressing this button. The whole leveling system takes about 1-2 minutes. Then you’ll see all the yellow and red lights on the RV diagram went off.

It means that the vehicle is leveled. So that’s the method you should follow while you’re leveling the vehicle off travel mood. 

Now another thing that you need to notice is if you’re driving, then you’ll have to operate differently. 

The user manual shows both different methods for travel and non-travel mode. But people seem to get confused and take both methods as alternatives. Thus the system doesn’t work properly.

So, if you’re trying to travel, then you’ve to turn on the engine. Only then press the store button and you’ll see that the travel mode is on. Now wait for another 2 minutes and start driving. All the leveling problems you had will be gone in no time.

Level Sensing Unit Issues

So let’s introduce you first to the level sensing units. These are just the ones that work in leveling the vehicle. For example, when you press that “on” button and click on-air mood, you’ll see that tiny metal leveling unit comes down.

The main purpose it serves is to level all sides of the vehicle so that when you drive the parts of the vehicle stay leveled.

But still, you see troubles with your HWH air leveling system. It might be because your leveling unit got jammed. And that’s why it doesn’t touch the ground properly or doesn’t go up.

No matter what the deal is with your leveling unit, we’ve got the solution.


Well, it might happen that the springs on the leveling jack became too loose or too tight. That’s why the leveling process isn’t smooth. If this is the reason, then you have to replace the springs. For that, you have to unscrew the springs from the mounting surface.

You could use any sort of screwdriver to unscrew it. The leveling unit has 3 springs attached with 3 screws. So if you sense that one particular spring is faulty, just exchange that with a new one.

If you’re an RVer then we suggest you keep spare springs. That will be needed for your leveling unit, in case it betrays you halfway.

If you look carefully at the leveling unit, you’ll see that there’s a sticker attached to the mounting surface. So when you put it down on a solid surface it measures if the surface is leveled or not. This sticker plays an important role and it’s important to take care of it.

If you’ve let the leveling down on a heated surface, then the sticker might get heated. Hence the heater will stop working. For ensuring that, always put the unit on a solid surface that’s at room temperature. 

And if it already is a problem then just put down the unit and let it rest for 2-3 hours. Then restart it again.


Question: How to reset the HWH air leveling system?

Answer: For resetting it, you’ve to press the off button for at least 15 seconds. Then wait for 10 minutes. And then start it again by pressing the on button.

Question: What are the yellow and red lights symbolize on the panel?

Answer: The yellow and red lights show if any part of the vehicle is out of balance. And if they need to be balanced by the leveling system.

Question: Do I need to push the store button twice?

Answer: No, unlike the air button, you have to press the store button only once. That one push to it will turn the travel mode on.


By now you know the solutions and reasons behind HWH air leveling system troubleshooting.

Hope you’ll be able to get rid of the stress now. And let us know if you face any difficulties through commenting.

So good luck and have a great trip!

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