King Dome Satellite Dish Problems

King Dome Satellite Dish Problems and Troubleshooting

It’s very normal for your King Dome Satellite Dish to malfunction. But we can imagine how bad it might feel to miss a critical NBA match or something similar when you’re on the road.

You’ll need to fix it quickly so that you don’t miss anything else. But, here’s the question that’s most likely to come to your mind:

What do I actually need to fix?

You might try following the owner’s guide or instruction manual. But, here’s the catch:

When you try to troubleshoot King Dome Satellite Dish problems, you’ll find a lot of ways to fix them. But it’s essential that you know the best and easiest possible way to do the job.

Look no further, because we have prepared this short troubleshooting guide on the problems with King Domes Satellite Dishes and how you can fix them.  

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to troubleshoot problems and separate the symptoms. Along with that, we’ll provide you with possible solutions, so that you can fix it all in no time.

Before we move into it, let’s check the things that you’ll need for this.

Things You’ll Need

Here are some things that you’ll need when you troubleshoot.

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Some Spare Coaxial Cable
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Instruction Manual

Now that you know what you need let’s start looking for some problems.

How To Look for King Dome Satellite Dish Problems

To make it easier for you, we have divided the King Dome Satellite Dish problem troubleshooting into three steps. After we do that, we’ll move to the symptoms and start fixing.

Step-1: Remove the Cover

Firstly, you’ll have to remove the cover for your King Dome Satellite Dish. You see, the dome cover is screwed shut with some Phillips screws. So, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove it.

Now, we’ll do some common maintenance changes before moving into the symptoms.

Step-2: Secure Coaxial Cable

Let’s secure the coaxial cable now. First, find the coaxial output on the board of your King Dome Satellite Dish unit. Then unscrew and screw the end of the coaxial cable again.

Most people confuse between cable and wire. Wires will help electricity to pass around your RV. And cable is for your satellite connection. A slight confusion can get you electrocuted!

However, the following step ensures a secure connection for your cable. Let’s try out the dip switches in the next section.

Step-3: Calibrate Dip Switches

Find the Dip Switches on the board. Grab the manual that the company provided along with the unit. Now, flip the switches “Up” and “Down” to resemble the pattern given in the manual.

This action ensures that your King Dome Satellite Dish knows from which satellite to get TV signals. That’s all with the basic troubleshooting. Now, start your King Dome Satellite Dish.

Moving on, we’ll be looking at the common symptoms to figure out our problems. Once we’ve identified the issues, we’ll try some possible fixes that will make our lives a lot easier.

So, without further ado, let’s start with our first symptom after troubleshooting.

Symptom-1: Complete Signal Loss

The first symptom to look at is a complete loss of signal. You’ll see that your satellite dish is catching no signals at all.

Now, this symptom usually points towards four common issues. So, let’s point them out and start solving them.

Problem-1: Obstruction

The first problem that a complete connection loss might indicate is some kind of obstruction. In this case, something around you is probably obstructing the satellite signal.

The obstruction might be a tree or a pole of some kind. So, how do we solve this?


Park your RV at a place that has no blockage at both North and South. This way, you can get seamless signals.

Problem-2: Bad Co-axial Cable

The second problem that you might face is the case of a faulty coaxial cable. Now, the coaxial cable that we screwed back might be defective.


This is the very reason we told you to keep a spare coaxial cable. Now, replace that old coaxial cable with the spare one, and it’s all good.

Problem-3: Faulty Controller Box

You might also face the problem of a faulty controller box. However, this problem is better left to a professional if you don’t have the required expertise. In most cases, it’s a battery-related issue that you should leave for the experts. 


Call an electrician or replace the controller box. If you do have the required expertise, remember to use rubber gloves.

Problem-4: Configuration Error

Sometimes, you might even face the problem of a configuration error. This is caused by moving around too much, which might end up flipping the wrong DIP switches. This problem is easy to fix but put on your gloves first.


Open the controller box and check the DIP switches for any mishaps. Now flip the ones that are not in place, and you’re good to go.

Those are all the problems that might be indicated through a complete connection loss. Now let’s move to the rest of the symptoms.

Symptom-2: Not Finding All Satellites

The King Dome Satellite Dish not finding all satellites is another common symptom found while troubleshooting. But this symptom usually indicates only one problem.

Problem: Surface Too Low

If your King Dome Satellite Dish isn’t finding all satellites, chances are it’s on a surface that’s too low. So, all it needs is a quick fix.


To fix the problem, just set the King Dome Satellite Dish on a higher surface, such as the roof of your RV. That should do the trick.

King Dome Satellite Dish Problems – FAQ

Question: What to do if I am not getting any dish info on my unit?

Answer: Try pushing in the Smart Card. Usually, you’ll see no dish info if you don’t insert the Smart Card right.

Question: How do I protect my King Dome Satellite Dish from rain?

Answer: Spray the satellite dish with a non-stick cooking spray. This spray prevents raindrops from clinging to the dish.

Question: How often should I spray the satellite dish with non-stick cooking spray?

Answer: Depending on the frequency of rain, spray it every three months. That should do the trick.

Some Final Words

We tried to make the way to troubleshoot King Dome Satellite Dish problems as easy for you as we possibly could. We hope this makes your life easier.

We understand the struggle because we face it ourselves. So, if you think we left out something that you wanted to know, let us know in the comments below.

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