Low Water Pressure in RV Shower

5 Major Reasons for Low Water Pressure in RV Shower


Having an RV means going out for an adventure anytime you want. But taking a shower is a must even if you’re out having fun. However, it can be quite challenging to shower if the pressure on the RV shower is running low.

So, what mainly causes low water pressure in RV shower, and how can you fix them?

Now, if this is your question, then congratulations. You came to the right place. That’s because we’ll tell you where the problem lies. And then show you how to fix them. So, shall we start then?

What causes low water pressure in RV shower?

The low water pressure might not be a huge problem, but your shower hours might extend because of it. So, it’s only natural to try to find out the problem.

And guess what? We’re here to help you out with that. Buckle up because we’re about to dive right into the problems.

Reason 1- Low water pressure at the campground

You should start your inspection from the primary source. And the center point of the water in your RV is the campground.

So, that’s the first place you should check. You might ask what you have to check. Well, you need to measure the pressure of the water at the campground.

Now, to check the pressure, you need a pressure gauge. Plug the pressure gauge into the plumbing configuration and take the reading.

Suppose you find the reading is low, then bingo! You can be sure that the campground is the main issue.


Solution- Attach a booster pump to the source

Later on, you have to attach a boost pump. This will increase the supply of water into the RV tank.

And from there, your shower will get enough water. And it’ll splurge out once you turn on the shower.


Reason 2- A crooked hose pipe

Now, if the problem doesn’t lie with the source, then it might be the route. Yes, the hose pipes that carry the water can sometimes be crooked. This blocks the passage of water.

As the water has trouble pushing past the bent pathway, it cannot reach your shower head in time. That’s why you find low pressure in your RV shower.

Solution- Straighten the hosepipe

As for the solution, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is straighten out the hose pipe. Yep, that’ll mend the pathway.

Thus water will be able to flow at a rapid speed. Afterward, you can enjoy your shower with the right pressured water. Yes, it’s that easy sometimes.

Reason 3- Clogged up water filters

Other times things might get a bit tricky. To be precise, your water filters might get blocked by some debris or dirt.

And the chances of this happening are very high. That’s because the filters drain water all the time. And while filtering, all the dirt gets stored up in the filter.

This causes a blockage of water. However, before completely stopping the water, it lets a small amount of water pass through. Thus you don’t get enough pressure in your shower.

So, in a way, it’s a sign reminding you to clean the filter.

Solution- Clean the filters.

Before the water completely stops coming out of the shower, you should clean the filters. Now, for this, remove all the parts of the water tank and then make your way to the filter.

Find the funnel that separates the water from the dirt. Then use a clean cloth to rub off all the dirt. Later on, place everything back in place, and you’ll be good to go.

Reason 4- Malfunction of the RV water pump

Another thing that can go wrong is the water pump. If it malfunctions, it won’t be able to pump water into the tank.

So, if the tank is running low on water, the pressure will evidently drop as well. Ultimately you’ll have to fix the water pump. But how do you do it? To find out, do stick around.

Solution- Replace the water pump

Now, if it’s too late to save the water pump, then you need to buy a new one. And then replace the old one.

For this, you need first to empty the tank. Then turn off all the power supply. Later you have to remove all the parts of the old pump.

Afterward, you need to install the parts of the new pump. 


Reason 5- Leaky pipes

One more tricky problem is leaky pipes. This can cause water to slip away even before it has the chance to reach the showerhead.

As a lot of water is lost in this process, the pressure can’t stay the same. So, it drops, and that’s why you can’t enjoy your bath time.

Solution- Replace the pipes

The only solution is to replace the pipes completely. You see, you can’t salvage the pipes. So, it is better to part ways.

Besides, if you get new pipes, your water won’t come out polluted. By that, I mean that old pipes sometimes have dirt clinging on them. Thus you won’t face that with new pipes.

Along with fresh water, the pressure will be back on track as well. If you ask me, it is a win-win. Hence, don’t waste your time. Get a new pipe for your RV today.


Last words

In other words, there can be many reasons for low water pressure in RV shower. But you need to be patient and work through all the causes one by one to find the actual problem.

And if you do find the main culprit, you know what to do. I think you got this. So, goodbye and do take care.

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