rv city water connection not working

RV City Water Connection Not Working: Problems and its Fixes


Can you imagine what will happen if the RV water city connection stops working. You won’t be able to carry on with your daily activities without water. That means no shower, no face wash, and no water to cook.

So, what are the main reasons behind the RV city water connection not working, and how can this be solved?

Well, there can be several reasons for not seeing the water flow. And we’ll address all these issues along with their solutions. 

So, do stick around to find out all the answers.

Reasons behind RV city water connection not working

If you find that the city water connection is not working, there is no need to panic. It’s most likely a small problem you can fix without the help of a professional.

However, you need to thoroughly check all parts of the connection to find the main issue. To help you out, here is a list of all the things that can be responsible for a fail connection:

Problem 1- The hose connection

The hose is the central place through which water passes. So, that’s the principal place to check. Sometimes you’ll see that dirt or hair gets clogged up in the hose.

That blocks the path of the water. And yes, since the course is blocked, obviously water won’t be able to flow. Even if it manages to push past the clogged particles, the flow will be relatively slow.

Besides, who wants a weak water connection. Everyone wants water to come out at full force, right?

But if the hose is the problem, then consider yourself to be lucky. That’s because you can fix the problem quite easily.

Solution- Clean the hose

Since the wastes tend to block up the water path, the solution is to clean it up. For this, detach the hose from the connection and make a mixture of soap and warm water.

Then pour the solution into the hose through its nozzle. The solution will clean up all the blockings. But be sure to let it soak for 30 to 40 minutes before cleaning the water hose.

Problem 2- The water filters

Now, if the hose is clean and clear, then you should take a look at the filters. Yes, filters. You might not know this, but there are usually 3 filters inside the RV water connection.

And you need to check all of them to see if they got blocked by something or not. Most of the time, it’s the filters that cause the water to stop coming out.

This is because they filter out all the dirt and stones from the water. Thus it gets clogged up pretty quickly.

Solution- Clean the filters

If the filters are the main issue, you can simply clean them up, and water will flow smoothly. Even if the filters aren’t fully clogged, you should clean them because you never know when they might get blocked.

As for the cleaning process, scoop out everything you can use a spoon. And then, pour a mixture of warm water with vinegar to clean up the remaining blockage.


Problem 3- The settings on the valves

Next up, you need to check the setting on the valves. You see, the RV water connection has a lot of valves, and each valve must be in the right place.

If it isn’t, then the pathway for the water will get blocked. And the end result? You won’t get any water from the RV city water connection.

Solution- Ensure that the valves are correctly placed 

As for the solution, you need to check the instruction manual. And then check each valve and see if they are in the right place or not.

Sometimes, they get connected to the wrong place and cause a fault in connection. But once they revert to their destined location, the connection runs smoothly.

Problem 4- The main switch

One more thing to check is the main switch. This is because, at times, the switch stops working. That’s why the real connection doesn’t start.

As a result, you don’t get water from it.

Solution- Replace the main switch

Most of the time, the switches tend to stop working because they become too old or faulty. And it’s fruitless to try and repair it.

Instead, you should replace the main switch with a new one. That’ll fix the problem at once.


Problem 5- Plugged water inlet

Now, did you put your hook up your water hose to an unknown source to take in the water? If you did, then the chances are that the source had rusty water pipes.

This rust mixes with water and runs through the pipe, making its way to the water inlet and plugs it. In the end, water cannot push past the rust and gets blocked at that point.

In fact, you won’t get an ounce of water if this happens. But this too can be solved. Wanna know how? Then scroll down a bit.

Solution- Clean the water inlet

Yes, you guessed it, you have to clean the water inlet too. For this, you need to take everything apart and then work on the inlet thoroughly.

Give it a good scrub using a steel brush. And then rinse it to remove all the rust. Once that’s done, the water will glide through the city connection again.


In summation

In short, many things can go wrong with the city water connection. All you have to do is pinpoint the main culprit and work on it to fix the issue.

However, if you have any questions regarding the process, do let us know by commenting below. We would be happy to help you out.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We hope you had a good read. Stay safe. Adios!

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