RV Leveling Jacks Won't Extend

RV Leveling Jacks Won’t Extend: Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

Leveling your RV is very important. There are many reasons. Such as keeping your things steady, preventing them from rolling off and many others. However, the most important reason is that it’s crucial for the refrigerator to work properly.

For the refrigerator to work, the RV must be leveled. Otherwise, the ammonia/water solution will not flow smoothly.

But you can’t level it if your RV leveling jack won’t extend properly. If you are facing a similar issue then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to tell you the tips and tricks that you will need to fix your leveling jack.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How Does Leveling Jacks Work?

Well, the purpose of leveling jacks is to make sure that your RV is evenly standing. The process is a lot easier if you have an auto-leveling system installed in your RV.

However, if you have a hydraulic jack, it has a tube filled with water. And the jacks have springs on them. The water in the tube creates hydraulic pressure to push the springs on the jacks. And reduce the pressure to bring them back up.

Now, let’s look at some of the types of leveling jacks available. Although all of them serve the same purpose, there are quite a few variations.

Types of leveling jacks

There are many types of leveling jacks available in the market. We are going to look at some of the best ones that you coils choose from.

  • RV Scissor Jacks
  • Frame Jacks
  • Stack Jacks
  • Power Gear Leveling Jacks
  • Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Now that we have the basics down, let’s get into the real business.

RV Leveling Jack Won’t Extend: Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

Nothing beats the sinking feeling that you have in your stomach when you press the button to extend your leveling jacks and nothing happens. That makes a bad start for what otherwise could have been a fun journey.

If the RVs jacks are stuck and won’t extend, you should try the following tips and tricks out to try and fix it.

1.Basic Tests

This step might seem pretty basic, but it can lead you in the right direction. There are some things that even you can easily spot. These will help with the troubleshooting process.

First, when you press the button, see if you hear anything. If you can’t hear any noise, it’s possible that it is a power-related issue. It might even be as simple as a blown fuse.

However, if you hear the jacks trying to lower but nothing is happening, it could be a more sophisticated mechanical issue.

After that, try to operate the jacks separately. Try to figure out whether the problem is with the whole system or whether it is the front jacks or rear jacks.

You might even find only one jack is having a problem. Once you’ve done some basic testing with the control panel, then it’s time to take a closer look.

2. Look Around

Try to watch each of the jacks to find if there are any obvious issues preventing the RV from getting the jacks extended.

First of all, look closely to see if any hydraulic fluid is leaking anywhere. Next, If the temperature is too low, you can pour warm water on the base of the jacks to make sure they aren’t frozen.

If you still can’t figure out what the problem is, move on to the next step.

3. Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual has detailed information about the uses of many parts of your Rv, including the jacks system. While you might have to read the manuals, which might seem a bit boring, but it might even tell you the solution.

The manual will give you the detailed troubleshooting steps that can try to find the problem. You will be able to use the observations of the tests that you did previously to find the cause of the problem.

The owner’s manual can also guide you through the manual extension process for your jacks.

4. Perform Manual extension

Most hydraulic leveling jacks on RVs are HWH leveling systems. These systems usually have a manual override. This will allow you to extend the jacks manually.

If you have to resort to this step, you must take all proper precautions to avoid injury. Never put yourself or anyone under the vehicle when attempting to manually extend the jacks without taking proper safety measures.

5. Check Fuses And Electrical Breakers

This is one of those things that can easily escape your mind. A fuse or breaker could burn out or trip. This stops power from going to the system that runs the leveling jacks.

If possible, watch the wires connecting the leveling jack system to the electrical panel. Sometimes wires can get loose and simply need to be reconnected. You can repair it with a wiring nut and electrician’s tape.

6. Ask for Help

If you’ve done all the steps and still can’t find the problem, it’s time to call for help. This could be as simple as asking around the neighbourhood and finding someone more experienced with the hydraulic jacks who can help.

There’s no shame in asking for help. You may even need to call a professional if things get too technical.

Next, we’ll look at some of the most common questions people have while fixing a jack.

RV Leveling Jacks Won’t Extend – FAQ

Question-1: Where Do I Put Leveling Jacks on My RV?

Answer: You have to level your RV side to side and front to back. Once you are done setting it, you can place the leveling jack on the rear bumper. And for front to back leveling, you can set it either on the window frame or the RV step.

Question-2: How Many Leveling Jacks Do I Need for an RV?

Answer: Usually, you’ll need about 10 leveling blocks to set a firm ramp in front of the wheel.

Question-3: How Do You Level an RV on a Slope?

Answer: If you have to park on a slope, then the best way to level your RV is to dig the ground a few inches so that it is leveled. This gives the RV some additional blocking, which will help if the ground isn’t flat.


These are some of the tips and tricks that you could use if the RV leveling jack won’t extend.

Hope you find your answer within these guidelines. And if you don’t, do let us know if there are any other ways of solving the issues.


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