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Reasons for RV Water Heater DSI Fault Lights Being On


The reason behind your cold bath is because your water heater is not working. And you can confirm this by checking for the DSI fault light.

You see, whenever something is wrong with the water heater the DSI fault light will automatically turn on. That’s an indicator telling you something went wrong and you need to fix it.

Now, the main question remains; why is the RV water heater DSI fault light on?

Well, there can be several different reasons behind this. But don’t worry; we’ll walk you through all the problems. Moreover, we won’t leave you stranded.

Along with the problems we’ll also guide you on your journey to fix the problem. All you have to do is have some patience and give us the chance to explain it all.

RV water heater DSI fault light on: Reasons and Solutions

Maybe you went to the bathroom of your RV to get a hot, bubbly bath. But the moment you stepped into the tub you found out that the water was cold.

You exclaim that you certainly turned the water heater on. And yet the water did not warm up. So, you decide to pay a visit to the water heater panel inside your RV.

That’s when you notice that the DSI fault light is on. Yes, that’s the light that tells you that there is something wrong with the water heater.

Now, there can be a number of reasons for which that light is beeping.

And today we will walk you through all these reasons. As well as throw in their solution to make this life a bit easier for you. So, are you pumped up? We surely are.

So, how about we get things started?

Reason 1: No spark near the igniter

The first thing to check is if there is any spark near the igniter. This is usually the main reason for which the DSI light gets turned on.

Now, to do this you need to head over to the hot water tank which is located outside the RV.

There you need to pinpoint the ignitor. It looks like a light gizmo so it won’t be too hard to find. And once you do find it, get someone to turn the water tank from the inside.

Then you can see if there is a spark or not. If you fail to notice any spark then congratulations you have identified the problem.

Solution: Change the igniter

Once you know the problem you need to take steps to solve it as well. And as your problem is with the igniter then it’s probably because it got damaged somehow.

Perhaps due to overheating or some external damage. Now if you can’t decide if it’s fixable or not it’s better to call in an expert to have a look.

But if the ignitor is beyond repair then you need to change it. And with that, your problem will be solved and the DSI fault light will turn off on its own.

However, if that didn’t solve the issue then the problem might lie somewhere else.

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Reason 2: No gas in the tank

Another reason for the DSI fault light flickering is because of gas. Yes, it might be a very silly thing but you probably forgot to feed the tank with some gas.

And that’s why it can’t turn on and heat the water for you. And since it has no other way of telling you this it shows you this by turning the DSI fault lights on.

As you have noticed the problem you can take action to solve it.

Solution: Fill up the tank with gas

Well don’t worry; the solution, in this case, is very simple. All you have to do is pump in some gas for the heater. 

And once the gas meter is full your water heater will work again. Additionally, your fault light will turn off on its own.

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Reason 3: A fault in the circuit board

If there is a spark near the igniter and the tank is full then your problem lies in the circuit board. And quite often this is the main culprit.

But before messing with the circuit board make sure you check out both reasons 1 and 2. Because handling the circuit board is quite tricky.

And you certainly don’t want to get into this business without being sure that the problem lies here. However, if the main issue is with the circuit board then you need to take steps to fix it.

How to fix the problem with the circuit board? Well, keep on reading to find out the answer.

Solution: Take out the circuit board and have it replaced

Once you’re sure that the circuit board is the problem you need to take it out to have it replaced. So, how do you take it out?

Well, firstly you have to remove the wire that goes down the ignitor. This can be easily down. A little tuck will do the job. Then you have to remove the two connectors.

For this, you need a screwdriver. A few twists from the screwdriver will do the trick.

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Next up you have to the 2 mounted screws on both the end of the circuit board. But for this, you need a quarter-inch nut driver. And with that, you’ll find that the circuit board comes right off.

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To sum up

That’s all the reasons for your rv water heater DSI fault light turning on out of nowhere. We hope this guide helped you identify the problem you were facing.

And once you know the problem you’ll also know how to tackle it. So, best of luck on your attempt to conquer the battle against water heaters.

We are rooting for you. Cheers!

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