RV Water Pump Won’t Shut Off

RV Water Pump Won’t Shut Off : Why and What To Do

RV water pumps are supposed to turn on every time you flush or turn on your faucet. It’s also supposed to turn off once the job is done. But your one’s not stopping, is it?

But, here’s why you shouldn’t be worrying:

You’re not the first one whose RV water pump won’t shut off. Anyone who owns an RV has been there at some point after they bought it. So, it’s a pretty common issue.

And we want to make sure you can solve this problem when it happens. So, we’ve created this short guide about why your RV water pump won’t turn off to help you through it.

Throughout this guide, we’ll walk you through the probable reasons for your problem and tell you how to solve them. We’ve also included some extra troubleshooting tips to help you further.

But, before getting into it, let’s check the things you’ll need to get this job done.

Things You’ll Need

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  • A Phillips Screwdriver [amazon link=”B007C6LHXY” link_icon=”amazon” /]
  • A Set of Waterproof Gloves [amazon link=”B07H9V9TL3″ link_icon=”amazon” /]
  • An Extra Set of Dry Towels (Because You’ll Definitely Get Wet) [amazon link=”” link_icon=”amazon” /]
  • A Spare RV Water Pump (Optional) [amazon link=”” link_icon=”amazon” /]

Now that you know about the things you need let’s move right into the real deal.

Why Your RV Water Pump Won’t Shut Off?

Your RV Water Pump may not shut off for a few reasons, 3 to be exact. As we move forward, we’ll discuss the reason in detail and tell you about probable solutions.

Well, here goes:

A Valve Leak

The first thing that you want to check when you notice that your RV water pump won’t stop is the check valve. If it’s broken, it can cause a leak, which might be the reason behind the whole problem.


Look for the hose or tube connecting the RV water pump to the fresh water tank. That’s the check valve. Now, check if it’s broken. If it’s broken, we have a 3-step solution just for that.


Follow these steps carefully to solve this problem quickly.

  • Open Old Valve: Open The Old Valve Carefully so that you don’t damage anything else. Don’t forget to put on the rubber gloves before doing this.
  • Attach New Valve To Tank: Place A New Valve In Its Place. Make sure the arrow on the valve is pointing right at the freshwater tank.
  • Attach New Valve To The Water Pump: Once you’re done connecting one end to the tank, attach the other end to the RV water pump and make sure it fits well.

Once you’re done with these three steps, run the water pump and check again. It should do the trick. If it doesn’t, then we’ll move to the next probable reason.

A Running Appliance

Now, what does this mean?

It means that you have an appliance in the RV that keeps running. This appliance usually is a kitchen faucet, sink, or the toilet.

Since one of the appliances is running, it demands a constant flow of water. Thus, your RV water pump doesn’t stop.


In this case, at first, turn off the main water supply. If the pump stops, we’ve guessed the right problem. Now, it’s time for the probable solution.


Turn the main water supply back on and search for the running appliance. Once you’ve found it, turn off the main water supply again.

Now, fix the appliance that keeps run and demanding too much water. Once, you have fixed it, turn on the water supply and check. The problem should be solved by now.

Let’s look at another probable reason behind your RV water pump not working.

Damaged Water Lines

A lot of the time, cracks, splits, and rots can damage the water line. Damaged lines will depressurize the water pump and tell it to run.


Check the water lines directly for the cracks, splits, and rots. Make sure you check all the water lines in your unit. Now, let’s check a probable way of solving this problem.


There is no standard way to solve this problem because the solution depends on the make and model of your RV unit. So, refer to the handbook when trying to fix this or call a professional.

Those were all the common reasons behind the reason why an RV water pump won’t stop. If you can’t find a relevant problem, you might want to replace the water pump.

So, in the next section, we’ll tell you how you can replace an RV water pump in some easy steps.

How To Replace An RV Water Pump

We have divided the process into 4 easy steps to make it easier for you. Follow them carefully, unless you want to go through this process again.

Here they are:

Step 1 of 5: Drain the water tank. You can’t have any water left in the freshwater tank.

Step 2 of 5: Make sure the power is off. Seriously, check twice. This is a matter of life and death.

Step 3 of 5: Disconnect the water lines and pump. This is where you’ll need the towel.

Step 4 of 5: Unscrew and remove the RV water pump. Consult the owner’s manual for this.

Now, you can install a new RV water pump in your unit. Choose the water pump carefully before buying it. There are several kinds in the market. Here are the ones that we recommend:

Our Recommendations
●[amazon box=”B074MZYS37″]

The new RV water pump will come with pipe tape to reinforce and tighten the water connection. Use the manual to install it and pay extra attention while you do it. (This is very important)

The Final Words

We tried our best why your RV Pump won’t shut off. Because anyone who knows anything about RVs, including us, knows the struggle of dealing with messy puddles.

Now, get to fixing that pump before it becomes a bigger mess. Once you’re done with that, leave us a message about what you thought of our work.

Did we miss something? Or maybe we made a mistake. Be a gem and point it out for us in the comments below.

Till then, drive safely.

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