RV Window Seals Shrinking Why and How to Fix

RV Window Seals Shrinking: Why and How to Fix?


Yes, windows are one of the best things in an RV. I mean, who doesn’t love natural light and fresh air inside their RV? However, when your windows seal shrink, it can cause a bit of a problem too. 

The shrunk seals of the window will allow water to leak during rains. As if that’s not enough, they even cause fogs in the windows during winter. Hence, it’s not a pleasant thing to face, is it? 

So, what causes RV window seals shrinking? And, how can you possibly fix them? 

Don’t fret. Relax, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ve covered some simple methods to help you fix this problem easily. Moreover, we’ve even compiled some of the reasons why it happens in the first place. 

Furthermore, there’s a FAQ session in the end that’ll solve most of your confusion about this problem. 

So, let’s jump in, shall we? 

Why does Windows Seal Shrink in an RV? 

Issues with RV water pump or other electronic components are quite common among RV owners. These are quite fixable with a bit of your attention and effort.

However, shrinking window seals might make you question your purchase decision. They’re easily noticeable when you’re going on a ride. But how you may ask? Well, the window literally tells you if the seals are loose. But to understand you’ll need to understand the language. 

As if that’s not enough, the windows let in water as the seals aren’t tight at all. As a result, when you wash the RV, the experience isn’t so lovely. Moreover, if you get stuck in the rain, all the water enters your RV from the windows.

So, what’s causing the seals to shrink? 

When you notice the seals shrinking inside an RV, you might think that it’s unglued. However, that’s not really what’s happening here. RV window seals can shrink due to various reasons, let’s look at some of them: 

  • The pressure of the seals starts to decrease as they get older.
  • When they get old, the rubber of the seals shrink. Hence, the pressure decreases as well.
  • Variation of temperature and extreme temperatures can cause the seals to shrink. 
  • Not using high-quality seals will also result in shrinking. 

The Fixes

If your window’s seal shrinks, it’s a reason to worry. Just like troubleshooting issues with switches, it’s quite easy to fix. All you need is to reseal your windows and fix them. 

Hence, we’ve compiled the method and its step-step procedure for you to take a look at. So, let’s start: 


Before starting, let’s look at what tools you’ll need to do the work. However, all of these tools are easily available and affordable. So, let’s take a look: 

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After you’re done purchasing or managing the tools, let’s look at the step-step procedure: 

Step 1: Unscrew all the Screws

Using the Screwdriver, unscrew every screw in the windows. However, make sure you have another person to help you with doing this. 

After you’re done, push the window from this side to loosen it up. Also, make sure the other person holds the glass when you push it from this side. 

Step 2: Scrape the Old Seals using a Putty Knife

After you remove the glass, use the putty knife to clean all the old seals in your window. It won’t take much time and you can easily do it without any convenience. 

Step 3: Clean Using a Cleaner

Using any cleaner, clean the sides well so that there’s no residue left. After you’re done cleaning using a cleaner, rub it off using paper towels. 

Step 4: Run Tape around the Outside

Now, run the tape on the outside so that you can place the windows again. The seal tapes are in the exact size that won’t leave any gaps. Hence, you won’t have to trim them again. Moreover, they have great temperature resistance against harsh weather. 

On the other hand, overlap and mold the tapes on the corners of the windows. 

Step 5: Put the Window Back 

After you use the tape on the outside, simply put the window back up. However, make sure the other person is holding the window as you securely place it. 

In the end, make sure it’s tightly placed and centered. 

Step 6: Screw the Frame Back 

Using the screwdrivers, screw the frame back again. Also, make sure you don’t miss any of the sides. Screwing the four corners of the window will be enough as it’ll steady the window. 

Step 7: Finish using a Spray Bottle

Use the spray bottle to wash the windows from the other side. 

And the good news? 

If you followed all the steps correctly, no water will enter inside the RV. And yes, you’ve fixed the issue and sealed the window tightly in its place.  

RV Window Seals Shrinking – FAQs

Question: How long do the windows seal last? 

Answer: Some manufacturers are able to give a guarantee of 10years. 


Question: Can you fix window seals? 

Answer: Yes, you can do them. 


Question: Is a broken window seal that much of an issue? 

Answer: No, it’s not a serious issue. However, it does look bad. 


Question: How much does it cost to repair a window seal that is broken? 

Answer: It can cost around $80-$130 to get a broken seal to be repaired. 


Question: Can I use silicone instead of a window putty? 

Answer: Yes, silicone cures faster than a glazing window putty. 


That’s all we have for you. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll get the idea about the RV window seals shrinking. 

In the end, we’d like to say that you should always take extra care of your RV windows as they’re really important. Apart from this, you’ll now know how you can fix these issues if they happen again. 

So, why don’t you try it for yourself? Good Luck. Happy Camping.