tecma toilet won't flush

Why Tecma Toilet Won’t Flush and How to Solve the Issue


You sit down to do your business on the Tecma toilet and once you’re done, you press the flush. But the flush doesn’t work. You stare at yourself in the mirror and panic internally.

This is a disaster, you think to yourself. If this problem isn’t dealt with it’ll stink up the entire RV. And you certainly don’t want that, do you?

Hence, you might want to fix the issue. But before that, you must look at the reasons that cause your toilet to stop working.

So, why your tecma toilet won’t flush out the waste and how can you solve the issue as quickly as possible?

You see, the answer to this question can be segmented into different parts. That’s because there can be various reasons for this problem.

Full explanation on why Tecma toilet won’t flush

You might be wondering what went wrong with your toilet flush. And that’s actually a valid point. It stops working without any warning.

On top of that, it’s such a crucial thing. So, you have to fix it. But to fix the problem you must know what went wrong.

That’s why we’ll discuss both the problem and the solution. Stay tuned to know more.

Reason 1: Too much water in the tank

One of the core reasons for not being able to flush the toilet is a full water tank. Yes, too much water in the tank stops the water from flowing out.

So, this needs to be dealt with immediately. And for that simply keep on reading. We promise you will get your answer.

Solution: Empty the tank

To solve this issue you need to empty out the tank. Yes, you have to open up the top lid on your commode and then take out all the water from the tank.

Now, a fair warning for you all: you cannot use the toilet until the tank refills again. So, you have to wait a little bit.

But once the tank refills you can get down to business again.

Reason 2: A clog at the pump inlet

Another problem can be a clogged up inlet. This can get clogged up with hair or tissues or even the waste that goes through it.

And if the inlet is blocked the water will not be able to flush the toilet. So, you have to take measures to deal with this issue.

Solution: Clear the clog

You can brush out most objects that clog up the inlet with a toilet brush. However, if you want to clear out the clog without opening up the toilet then you can prepare a mixture.

To make the mixture you need to add baking soda and vinegar. Then All you have to do is pour it down the water pipe that carries the water down to the inlet.

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Reason 3: Macerator invaded by a solid object

Another issue can arise when the macerator gets blocked by a solid object. It can happen when you flush something that was never designed to be flushed.

You see, those objects cannot move past the macerator. Instead, they stay behind to create problems for you.

Solution: Remove the solid object

Now, to deal with this issue you need to remove the solid object. And for that, you have to turn off the power of the Tecma toilet first.

Then you can move on to remove the solid object from the macerator. In order to actually remove the object you can use a plunger.

Reason 4: Not enough voltage

One more reason behind your Tecma toilet not being able to pump is low voltage. You see, since the Tecma toilet runs on electricity it needs the additional power from the voltmeter to function well.

Otherwise, the flush won’t work. And so you need to fix the issue.

Solution: Check the voltage

The only way to make sure if it’s the voltage’s fault is by checking the voltage. For this, you need a voltmeter.

Using that check to see if the voltage stays near 12V. If it does then the voltage isn’t the problem. However, if it’s lower than that you need to fix the wires in the circuit board.

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Reason 5: Connection problem in the water supply

Another thing that can be the culprit is the wires in the water supply. If they are messed up then the water won’t be supplied at all.

And you know what that means. Yes, the flush won’t work at all. Because there will be no water to clean up all the waste.

Solution: Connect the wires

So, the solution to this problem is to connect the wires properly. For this, you can use electric tape. That will connect both the wires and make them work again.

However, if you’re not comfortable with working with electric wires don’t feel shy to call in professional help.

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Reason 6: Water supply turned off

One of the silliest but prominent reasons for the Tecma toilet, not flushing is because the water supply is switched off. This happens quite a lot.

One clear sign of this problem is when you flush you won’t find any water coming up.

Solution: Turn on the water supply

The obvious solution to this problem is turning on the water supply. This will get the water running again.

And you will find that the flush works like before. Yes, it’s that simple at times.

Ending words

Well, that sums up why the tecma toilet won’t flush. Now you can work your way with the flush and have a smell-free RV again.

However, if you face any problem along the way leave a comment below. We’ll love to help you out with your queries.

And with that, we’ll say goodbye. Hope you have a great day. Bye-bye!

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