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Winnebago Slide Out Problems Resolved!!


You just bought an RV and went on a trip with it. You probably wanted to expand the slide-out bedroom of yours near the beach to enjoy the view.

But the most upsetting part is your Winnebago slide-out is having some issues you can’t figure out.

So this kept you wondering how to solve Winnebago slide out problems?

The problem can be with the power gear. You have to reset it and keep pulling the handle until the sound fully stops. Or there might be dirt stuck inside the slide parts. If that’s the case, cleaning with soap and water will solve the issue. If not then add a ski to the slide bar so that water can do no harm.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of all you need to know here:

Winnebago Slide Out Problems And Solutions

You might be really annoyed with your Winnebago slide out problems. And you should be. Because we’ve faced the same issue. So, we know how it feels. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed out the problems with their solutions below.

Slide Issues

So you’ve always wanted a smooth slide from your Winnebago but instead, it doesn’t slide at all. Even if it slides, the slider is not smooth and stops midway.

Here the problem might be in the power gear or the slide’s interior itself. Let’s give you an insight into what we’re dealing with here. 

It could be the power panel is broken or you haven’t even started it properly. Or the problem can be related to your internal parts of the slide-out. 

So if your panel doesn’t work or stops midway, the problem could be either of these.

Let’s see how to solve it.


If the problem is with the power gear then no matter how many times you pull or push the power handle. The slide won’t come out.

In this situation, you’ve to restart the power panel. Shut down all the main switches. Wait for 2 minutes then start it over again. Now you’ve to hold the power handle and gently pull it down. Do not pull it at once. Just keep it pulling for 40 seconds.

Since you know that the slide-out is an automated system, it doesn’t matter how long you press it. It will close automatically. To be sure, listen to the sound coming from the slide-out. 

When the noise stops, just stop pressing the button. So it will be completely closed. Follow the same process while opening up the slide-out.

What if the problem is on the inside of the slider? Then you can be sure that the slideway got jammed with dirt and filth. So all you need to do is brush off the excess dirt and wipe all the parts with soap water. Then just rinse it with normal water.

Let it dry and try closing the slide again. This time, it will definitely work.

Water Leakage

So, the situation might have arisen that you’re out and it’s raining outside. And instead of enjoying the view, you end up worrying about the rainwater. 

Firstly, the main concern is the rainwater getting to your RV through the slide.

And that’s not the worst part, because soon the water will slide to the “slide belly”. Eventually, that water will ruin the wood underneath.

And that’s one of the most common problems faced by our fellow RV’ers.

If you’ve already noticed that the wood is damp, the next thing is that the wood under the slide will start to come off. The slide will make it stiff. 

So the problem here is that the slider bar is plain straight. So the water slides to both ends equally and gets inside your RV.


To solve this problem you’ll need to act fast and wise. But before moving to the main solution, let’s see the tools you’ll need-

  • RV slide out ski
  • Butyl tape
  • Proflex sealant
  • Scissors

First, unbox the slide-out ski. Now measure your slide’s outer side and cut the ski according to that size.

Now open the sidebar of the slide. For that, you have to unscrew it and remove the tape inside. Now clean any remaining adhesive on the slide bar. It’s time to put the ski on the outer side of your slide.

You’ll see that there are two sides to the ski. One is completely plain and the other one is slightly curved. So, attach the curved side with the outer corner where the bar previously was. Make sure to put butyl tape inside the curved part before attaching it to the slide.

Now fix the plain part with the lower belly of the slide. It’s time to put the slide bar again. But first, put the butyl tape inside of it and remove one side of the tape. Now add it to the slide and ski to bind them together.

Well, you have to screw the slide bar and put the Proflex sealant on top of it. Make sure to put the bar angled so that water slides outside. This additional step will ensure a hard grip of the bar on the slide. And will guarantee that rainwater won’t get through the slide to your RV.

This way your slide-out will be well-protected against water damage. And you’ll be good to go.


Question: Is there a requirement for voltage regarding RV slide out?

Answer: Yes if yours is a slide-out that’s hydraulic, then it will need 12 volts of power. This power will ensure the smooth operation of the slide-out.

Question: Can snow affect the slide operation?

Answer: Well, we advise you not to keep your slide open during snowfall. Because snow will stick in the slide bar and melt. Then the water might damage the slider wood.

Question: What will be the cost to fix the RV slide?

Answer: You can fix the slide by yourself. But you decide to see a professional then it will cost you $500-$1700. 


By now you must know how to solve Winnebago slide problems. So put that knowledge to work.

But do know that apart from the mentioned factors, the problem might be the hydraulic fluid levels went down. Or the slide-out battery is dead. If that’s the case, consult an electrician for further help.

And if you face any difficulties, just comment below. We’ll help you out.

Good luck with fixing your slide-out.

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